Botanical CBD Capsules - "Midlife" (for Menopause)
Botanical CBD Capsules - "Midlife" (for Menopause)

Botanical CBD Capsules - "Midlife" (for Menopause)


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Take 1 to 2 capsules every 5 to 8 hours as needed.

All capsules contain standardized lab tested botanical concentrates, cocoa butter, coconut oil and 5 mg CBD

"Midlife" Menopause Botanical Capsules

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Red Clover, Panax Ginseng, Black Cohosh, Vitex Angnus, Castus and Evening Primrose Oil.

CBD content is 5 mg per capsule, which is an average dose for most individuals.

CBD acts as an ingredient booster to standardized botanicals. All capsules can be taken up to 3 times a day and most have an accumulative effect. 

Important Note: Some herbs may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals and/or may not be right to use for particular health conditions. We recommend you seek out a licensed health and/or medical practitioner before using any herbal products. Products are not intended for internal use. Kokonola is not responsible for any misuse or possible side effects of a product. Test product on a small sensitive area before use for any possible side effects.